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Reform Colorado's excessively complex sales and use tax system

As of March 22, 2019, 49 municipalities adopted the Uniform Definitions


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What We’re About

The mission of the coalition is to reform Colorado’s excessively complex sales and use tax system with multiple goals:  fairness, simplicity, and predictability for business; revenue neutrality to avoid any adverse impact on local and state public services; and a competitive economic environment in Colorado that will attract employers.  Continue…

About the Issues

Colorado businesses face 756 specific geographic areas with different sales tax structures, making the calculation and collection an onerous burden. And woe to those who are accused of making a mistake. Most taxpayers do not know the nuances of tax definitions until an audit. Continue…

Real Stories

Coloradans like you struggle every day to comply with the state’s overly complicated sales and use tax system. Read more about the headache and financial hardship the sales tax system puts on local Colorado business owners. Continue…